Friday, June 25, 2010

bow hairpins in happy bright colours (11cm * 4.5cm) -- HA201
Price:RM5 per pc

hairpins with bows in polka dots and pretty colours (13cm * 9cm) -- HA202
only available in dark blue & white polka dots
Price:RM9 per pc
hairpins in bright colours (11.5cm * 11cm) -- HA203
Price:RM9 per pc

coulourful ball hair clip -- HA204
size:5.5cm (RM8), 7.5cm(RM10)

dark blue /red polka dot ribbo hair clip (5.5cm) --HA205
Price:RM10 per pc

blue polko dot ribbon (5.5cm * 6cm) --HA206
Price:RM9 per pairs,RM5 per

Big Blue & pink Bow Baby Headband -- HA207

flower print bow hairclip (7.5cm * 8cm) --HA208
available in pink,blue,purple,brown color
Price:RM10 per pair,RM6 per pc

yellow double bow bendie clip (5.5cm * 7cm) --HA209
Price:RM9 per pair, RM5 per pc

red/pink/blue triple bow hair clip (6.5cm * 4.5cm) -- HA211
Price:RM6 per pc

variety pokka dot hair clip (6cm * 2.5cm) --HA212
1,2,3,4,5 is available
Price:RM8 per pair, RM5 per pc
blue/pink polka dot double bow hairclip (6cm * 2.5cm) --HA213Price:RM8 per pair, RM5 per pc

xmas tree hairclip (4.5cm * 3.5cm) --HA214
Price:RM5 per pc
pink pokka dot hair elastic (7.5cm * 6.5cm) --HA215
Price: RM6 per pc

flower printed sweet bow (5cm * 2.5cm) -- HA217
Price:RM6 per pc

blue polko dot bow hairclip (7.5cm * 5cm) --HA218
Price:RM9 per pair, RM5 per pc

pink/ blue polka dot bow hairclip (5.5cm * 2cm)-- HA219
Price:RM6 per pairs

red & blue polka dot double bow hairband - HA220
Price:RM16 per pc

sweet pink polka dot double bow hairband -- HA221
Price:RM16 per pc

little party girl must hv hairband -- HA222
Price:RM20 per pc

blue polka dot hairband -- HA223
Price:RM12 per pc

blue & yellow double bow hairband -- HA224
Price:RM16 per pc
green and pink polka dot double bow hairband -- HA225
Price:RM16 per pc
pink & light blue pokka dot double bow hairband -- HA226
Price:RM14 per pc

lacey double bow hairband -- HA227
available in green & blue color
Price:RM12 per pc

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