Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sukie, cutie baby girl socks.
Price:RM20 per set (4 pairs)

Alisa, bow baby socks
Price:RM10 per set (2 pairs)

Kenny, sneaker socks
Price:RM15 per set (3 pairs)

James, shoe socks for little boy
Price:RM24 for 5 pairs
June, bow ballerina socks
Size:9-12cm(6-12mth) ,12-15cm(12-24mth)
Price:RM15 per set
Little Sunshine, Flip Flops set comes with 3 pairs of flip flops looking socks: red ladybug, brown sunflower, and a pink butterfly. They are perfect to match the spring/ summer outfits.
Size: 6-12mth(9-12cm),12-24cm(12-15cm)
Price: RM15 for 3 pairs

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